Biochemistry for Materials Science

Catalysis, Complexes and Proteins unlocks recent developments within the field of biochemistry through a series of case studies, enabling materials scientists to harness these advances for innovation in their own field, from the planning of bio-inspired materials, to the utilization of latest classes of catalyst. Biochemistry for Material Science include an introduction to seven recent discoveries, a discussion of the elemental knowledge and techniques of biochemistry, a look at variety of biochemical materials, and an enquiry of the areas of bioscience, chemistry and inorganic-related materials. The book concludes with a discussion of cosmochemistry.
Presents recent developments in biochemistry which will be harnessed for innovation in materials science
Utilizes case studies for instance the appliance of varied biochemistry concepts
Provides readers with the elemental knowledge of basic chemistry concerning life-forming materials, catalysis, etc.

  • New abiological metalloenzymes- [M]-porphyrin IX-proteins
  • Developments of new biochemical methods
  • bioluminescence and chemoluminescence
  • New antibiotic and antivirus agents, and knowledges
  • Chirality in space and brains
  • Bacteria related materials and topics
  • Plants related materials and topics
  • Animals related materials and topics
  • Proteins and enzymes related topics

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